Gartner’s Vision for AIOps in 2022 and Beyond

Thursday January 27th, 9am EST

Join us with Lead Gartner Analyst, Pankaj Prasad, who will cover the state of the AIOps market, and where he sees the industry going over the coming years. Moderated by John Haley, VP of Marketing at Moogsoft, together they will deliver an informative session and discuss the criticality of AIOps as companies continue to adopt new technologies. Hear how modern companies strive for operational efficiencies while maintaining high availability and customer satisfaction.

To wrap up, we'll hear from Phil Tee, CEO of Moogsoft, who will briefly discuss Moogsoft’s perspective and what’s in store for 2022.

Here are key takeaways you will learn from tuning in to our strategic advisory session with Gartner:

1. How digital businesses are becoming observable
2. How AIOps allows for continuous insights across ITOM
3. How monitoring is converging with AIOps


Phil Tee Circular Headshot.png

Phil Tee
CEO, Moogsoft

Pankaj Prasad Circular Headshot.png

Pankaj Prasad
Lead Analyst, Gartner