AIOps Evaluator’s Guide

Make an informed decision. With this AIOps Evaluator's Guide identify and prioritize the key artificial intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) requirements for your organization.

Making a strategic investment to simplify your IT Operations or DevOps environment with AIOps can be daunting, particularly when key stakeholders and decision makers may not be familiar with how to effectively compare what each solution can or cannot do for your business.

This AIOps Evaluator's Guide breaks down the decision criteria into ten defined areas with key capabilities in each. It will provide a guideline for making an informed decision, and the means to communicate the comparison criteria.

Download it today to learn:

  1. What AIOps is, and the key business benefits.
  2. How AIOps solves the complex challenges of providing service assurance for your digital business.
  3. Ten categories of requirements to evaluate AIOps solutions.
  4. How AIOps aligns with ITOps / DevOps continuous integration and delivery mandate to replace the old ways of building and managing software.
  5. Further resources for education and evaluation of AIOps.
AIOps Evaluation Guide

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