EBook: 4 Simple Reasons Why Rules-Based Solutions Fail IT Ops

How to liberate IT from the limitations of rules-based legacy event management solutions

Managing IT Operations is a challenging job that’s only getting harder. Complexity is growing with exponential speed – especially as more companies embrace digital transformation. Enabling continuous service assurance has become a task beyond human capability alone, especially in large enterprises that generate millions of operational events, every single day.

Humans can no longer effectively process the volumes of data intended to help identify and remediate IT issues. So what’s a network operator to do? This fundamental question leads to another: is your legacy event management system still up to the job? For most enterprises, their legacy tool is based on technology that still relies on RULES.

This e-book describes the technical limitations of rules-based solutions.

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  1. The 4 simple reasons why rules are brittle, expensive, indeterminate and limited in scope
  2. How rules actually work (the answer might surprise you)
  3. Why rules-based solutions represent the past, while AIOps is the intelligent automation of the future

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Rules Can't Cut It