GigaOm Radar Report for AIOps 2023

Moogsoft named Leader and Fast mover in GigaOm Radar Report for AIOps 2023

Download the GigaOm Radar Report for AIOps 2023

The last year proved to be one of explosive growth in AIOps tooling and solutions, and the 2023 GigaOm’s Radar Report for AIOps is here to help you navigate these waters.

With AIOps continuing to be widely adopted, GigaOm has focused their 2023 Radar Report for AIOps on explaining the role Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations plays in improving organizational awareness, and the relationship Between Monitoring, Observability, and Awareness. Specific recognition for Moogsoft includes its excellent AI capabilities and collaboration features plus strengths around ingestion, auto-remediation, workflow management, and customizable dashboards.

Download the report to understand across the AIOps vendor landscape:

  • Market Categories and Deployment Types: How well solutions for AIOps are positioned to serve their specific market segment and deployment models needed
  • Key Criteria Comparison: The technical capabilities of available solutions, define the perimeter of the market landscape, and gauge the potential impact on the business
  • GigaOm Radar: Visual chart plotting vendors based on their products’ technical capabilities and feature sets outlining the AIOps Leaders, Challengers, and New Entrants

Download the Report