2020 EMA
Radar Report

AIOps: A Guide for Investing in Innovation

As you likely know, the AIOps solution landscape is quite diverse and rapidly evolving. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has been closely analyzing this market since 2012. In its new Q3 2020 AIOps Radar Report, the firm offers both a breadth and depth of analysis across AIOps solutions and their support for real-world use cases.

17 key vendors and solutions were evaluated based on expert and end-user perspectives about dozens of key decision-making factors, including:

  • Efficiency of deployment and administration
  • Solution architecture, functionality and cost efficiency
  • Integrations with third-party solutions
  • Vendor strength in the market

Download this highly detailed report now to help you focus on the best AIOps choice for your IT organization, depending on your current toolset, your level of process and organizational maturity, and your goals.

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