Observability with AIOps For Dummies

This new eBook explains how DevOps and SREs can develop more and operate less by applying AI to events, metrics, traces and logs to keep CI/CD agile and your business growing.

DevOps and SRE teams build critical digital services, but often spend more time troubleshooting their complex applications and infrastructures than innovating. What’s the solution? Combine AIOps algorithmic analysis and automation with observability’s detailed operational data.

Written clearly and with a sense of humor by AIOps aficionado and VP of Products at Moogsoft Adam Frank, the eBook delves into this topic with straightforward explanations, concrete examples and actionable advice.

Download it for free and learn:

  • How observability with AIOps helps DevOps and SREs
  • How AIOps works under the hood
  • The AIOps workflow, from data ingestion to incident resolution
  • Key use cases for observability with AIOps
  • How Moogsoft Express delivers the power of AIOps and observability

Read "Observability with AIOps For Dummies" and take the first step towards delivering the best customer experience through reliable and always-on digital services.

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