The Observability Odyssey

Days in the Lives of DevOps, SREs and IT Ops

Set at a fictional global CPG conglomerate called C&J’s, this eBook explores how engineers and IT professionals use and understand observability and AIOps.

Sarah, the DevOps engineer, works at Animapanions, a product in the C&Js portfolio, an online pet store. James, the IT Ops guy, has been at C&Js for over ten years and is afflicted by technical debt and legacy systems. Dinesh, the SRE, is newer to the organization and brings with him particular knowledge of AI.

From an early pilot that saves Sarah from an API failure to an enterprise-wide rollout of Moogsoft, the ebook explores how the characters use AIOps and observability to drive their organization forward.

Key takeaways:

  • How DevOps, IT Ops, and SREs work together to create higher-performing organizations
  • What powers AIOps and why you need it now
  • Practical tips for adopting and implementing intelligent observability