Express Use Case #1: End Alert Storms with AIOps

Wednesday, Dec 11th, 2019, 10 am PT | 30 mins

Learn how to maintain visibility and control over your DevOps environment, deploy software quickly and continuously, and make your business more agile in this Moogsoft webinar series.

In this webinar, Adam Frank, Senior Product Manager at Moogsoft, will give a live demonstration of Moogsoft Express, a new cloud-native AIOps, and observability solution built specifically for DevOps and SRE teams.

You will learn how Moogsoft Express eliminates IT alert overload, streamlines event management and makes you more productive by:

  • Ingesting metrics, events, and alerts from all your monitoring tools
  • Analyzing anomalies and events to filter out all irrelevant events and data
  • Correlating log events, metrics, and alerts and grouping them into unique incidents

Featured Speaker:
Adam Frank, Senior Product Manager, Moogsoft