How KeyBank Liberated its IT Ops from Rules-Based Event Management

KeyBank's Mick Miller Talks Real World AIOps Deployment

Managing IT Operations is a challenging job that’s only getting harder. Humans can no longer effectively process the volumes of event data intended to help identify and remediate IT issues. So what’s an enterprise to do? 

This fundamental question leads to another: is your legacy event management system still up to the job? For most enterprises, their legacy tool is based on technology that still relies on RULES.

On this webcast KeyBank and Moogsoft describe the technical limitations of rules-based solutions, and how AIOps solutions represent the intelligent automation of the future.

Watch now and learn:

  • How to move your monitoring regime from Reactive to Proactive to Predictive
  • How AIOps can support the delivery of a great Customer Experience (Cx)
  • The KeyBank story of AIOps adoption, including a short demo of Moogsoft

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Webinar Speakers

Mick Miller

Mick Miller, Senior DevOps Architect, KeyBank

Adam Frank

Adam Frank, Senior Product Manager, Moogsoft