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8.0 Live - The Virtual NOC is Here!

Recorded | Wed, May 6, 2020

With digital channels’ importance higher than ever, Ops teams face extreme pressure to prevent outages while teleworking. More than ever, you must automate event management and facilitate remote collaboration.

Rise to the challenge with the new Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0, which lets you build a virtual NOC and attain service assurance with its new groundbreaking AIOps capabilities. Tune in to our live event to get all the details about this exciting new release.

Our special guest, JP Gonzalez, a Principal Engineer at Rackspace, will discuss how AIOps is central to Rackspace’s vision for boosting IT Ops and service desk efficiency.

Moogsoft product experts will showcase new AIOps features including:

Alert Analyzer
Alert Analyzer: Visually configure and fine tune the product’s event processing to improve event correlation accuracy
Dynamic Topology
Dynamic Topology Builder: Get real-time insights into incidents and visualize probable root causes
Expanded Workflows
Expanded Workflows: Configure workflows and drive automation through our intuitive Workflow Engine (WE)
Algorithm Transparency
Algorithm Transparency: Add, track, delete and change ML algorithms via new versioning, rollback and history capabilities
Algorithm Transparency
New Out-of-the-Box Integrations: Including AWS Firelens to ingest EC2 log files and both PagerDuty and Opsgenie for on-call management


JP Gonzalez
JP Gonzalez
Principal Engineer
Adam Frank
Adam Frank
VP of Product & Design

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The Virtual NOC is here