How to Use the Power of AI to Transform IT Operations

Recorded | Wed. 4 March 2020 | 60 mins

Digital transformation makes IT environments more complex, increasing the risk of digital service outages. With legacy event management tools falling short, AIOps offers the best solution for monitoring modern computing resources, and helping IT teams fix problems quickly.

Tune in to this webinar by Moogsoft EMEA CTO and former Gartner analyst Will Cappelli. He’ll provide an overview of AIOps, including how it works, its real-world benefits, and the use cases it addresses.

You will also learn:

  • Which IT operations trends led to AIOps’ development
  • Why AIOps is needed to manage modern IT environments
  • The meaning and five dimensions of true AIOps
  • How AIOps boosts the value of your IT management stack
  • Vendors’ different AIOps approaches, and why a platform deployment is best


will100x108.jpgWill Cappelli
(Former Gartner Analyst)