Research in Action's Top 20 Global Vendors 2021

Vendor Selection Matrix™ Report – Artificial Intelligence Predictive Analytics (AIPA).

The use of AI has only become more critical in today’s world as automation and predictive capabilities are the only way to efficiently harness strategic insights from data.

This new AIPA report from independent research firm Research in Action captures raw feedback from interviews with 1,500 enterprises IT managers with budget responsibility in global enterprises. It classifies the top 20 vendors based on the categories of strategy and execution. Moogsoft achieved the highest Recommendation Index out of all evaluated vendors and the company received badges for both achievements as a Market Leader and #1 Recommendation Index.

The report includes:

  • Top 10 investment categories within AIPA for 2021.
  • Top benefits achieved, or planned, by IT Managers for using AIPA solutions.
  • AIPA market trends and its adoption by modern operating models such as DevOps, SRE and VSM.
  • A spiffy vendor selection matrix with quick facts.

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