How Total Experience Will Drive Availability in 2022

Gartner identified Total Experience (TX) as a top strategic trend for 2022 with the goal to drive greater customer and employee advocacy and increase revenue and profits for businesses.

Digital consumers assume the services they use will always be on and responsive to their needs. This means the people who provide those services have to continually balance innovating and delivering new, exciting capabilities with maintaining the performance of the underlying applications and platforms.

In this white paper, we look at the research and predictions and provide practical advice on how to achieve a resilient and adaptable availability posture in 2022 driven by TX that aligns with their business goals across:

  • Ensuring customer experience through availability and adaptability
  • Following engineer experience trends across no-code, growing DevOps toolchains, and the ‘Year of SRE’
  • Driving consistent user experience across multi devices and omnichannel
  • Maintaining strong internal advocacy for internal employees in times of the Great Resignation

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