Accelerating Incident Management with Datadog + Moogsoft

Recorded on April 15

Every moment spent triaging alerts subtracts from opportunities DevOps, SRE and ITOps teams have to build new value. A recent Moogsoft + Datadog partnership/integration enables users to automate and accelerate incident management by using Moogsoft’s advanced noise reduction and correlation capabilities from within the Datadog Marketplace.

This roundtable discussion will explore how users can begin seeing rich-context incidents from across the full stack in minutes, and the opportunities this presents to organizations. Join our panel of experts as they discuss related trends in AI, observability and DevOps, and share use cases on reducing toil through automation and AI. You’ll also hear our expert panelists’ industry outlook on AI in the monitoring market at large

You’ll learn:

  • The benefits of achieving more context across incidents
  • How AI can accelerate identification of root cause
  • Ways to minimize the impact and time spent on service-impacting outages
  • Insights into the pace of monitoring transformation


Alex Vetras

Alex Vetras
Product Manager, Datadog

Helen Beal

Helen Beal
Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute

Dave Casper

Dave Casper
CTO, Moogsoft