Intelligent Observability for ITOps

Recorded | Tue, March 9, 2021

These days, an ITOps team with time on their hands is a rare sight. Monolithic, legacy infrastructure that is inherently fragile fuels a fraught working environment and puts ITOps at risk of burnout. Meet James, a skilled IT operator for whom pressure is stacking up as digital transformation drives business demands for increased change velocity from software developers.

In this webinar, DevOps Institute Chief Ambassador Helen Beal and Moogsoft CTO Dave Casper will examine the ways intelligent observability helps bring joy back into the ITOps department. They will explore how clever ITOps pros like James can restore order to the NOC and driving efficiency across teams through:

  • Minimized unplanned work
  • Reduced alert noise
  • Streamlined collaboration
  • Ample time for innovation
  • Autonomic systems

You’ll learn:

  • How ITOps can gain control of unpredictable infrastructure
  • Why creating self-healing infrastructure is challenging
  • Methods for paying down technical debt
  • Insights on drastically reducing MTTR


Helen BealHelen Beal
Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute

Dave CasperDave Casper
CTO, Moogsoft

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Coffee Break with Helen Beal: Intelligent Observability for ITOps