Continuous Availability vs. Continuous Change:

How to manage cloud adoption without impacting your users

Recorded: Tuesday March 29th

All companies are going through some form of cloud adoption - whether cloud migration for the first time, hybrid cloud adoption, or extending cloud native with a newer microservice architecture.

But, according to a recent survey by Aptum*, only 39% of companies are completely satisfied with their current rate of digital transformation.

Here’s the rub - Cloud adoption projects create a continuous state of change for engineering teams juggling to keep things up and running while limiting the impact on customers. Yet, when customers are impacted, it is often dismissed as unavoidable or the “cost” of moving to the cloud.

So how do you limit customer impact and keep sane?

Watch the recording where Jason Bloomberg, an analyst from Intellyx, and Sean Molloy, Chief Architect of Moogsoft will discuss best practices and steps to improve your cloud adoption and migration programs, including how to:
  • Milestone the key phases of the journey. Know when and where you’re building to each milestone
  • Make sure your observability pipeline is built to scale through architectural changes
  • Ensure there’s a central system to monitor that can connect the dots across the old and new and detect incidents early before they become customer impacting outages

*Source: Aptum Cloud Impact Study Part 1: Bridging the Cloud Transformation Gap



Jason Bloomberg
Digital Transformation Analyst, Intellyx


Sean Molloy
Chief Architect, Moogsoft

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