Datadog Expands Your Monitoring Reach with Moogsoft
Observability Cloud

Recorded | Thur, Feb 11, 2021

Time spent triaging alerts and identifying incident root cause impairs the value DevOps practitioners and SRE teams can deliver to organizations. Available through the Datadog Marketplace, this new bi-directional integration between Moogsoft and Datadog allows SREs, IT Ops, and DevOps pros to instantly see context-rich Moogsoft-generated incidents from across the full stack in either platform, boosting service availability. Put simply, it slashes the time a user must spend sifting through data to get to the cause of a service outage.

In this webinar, Moogsoft CEO Phil Tee, CTO Dave Casper and VP of Marketing John Haley will discuss and demonstrate the deep integration between these platforms that enables users to easily start ingesting events and metrics from Datadog and other sources into the Moogsoft Observability Cloud.

Attendees will also learn how Datadog users can easily:

  • Achieve more context across incidents.
  • Accelerate identification of root cause.
  • Minimize the impact and time spent on service-impacting outages.
  • Accelerate monitoring transformation by automating event correlation.

There will also be a Q&A with the speakers.


Phil TeePhil Tee
Moogsoft CEO

Dave CasperDave Casper
Moogsoft CTO

John HaleyJohn Haley
Moogsoft VP of Marketing

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Datadog Expands Your Monitoring Reach with MOC