How a Financial Services Company Improved Operational Efficiency with AIOps

Wednesday, Oct 16th, 2019, 10 am PT | 60 mins

To improve its customers’ overall experience, KeyBank embraced digital services and the cloud, but this led to increased IT environment complexity and customer service expectations. KeyBank’s legacy rules-based solutions for event correlation couldn’t provide the required visibility and control to resolve issues quickly and maintain its service level agreements (SLAs).

KeyBank deployed Moogsoft AIOps, a collaborative platform available in AWS Marketplace. With 50+ AI algorithms, the solution helped KeyBank’s IT and DevOps teams to streamline incident resolution, prevent outages, and deliver continuous service assurance. Today, KeyBank can detect and resolve critical issues quickly and continuously—before the customer experience is impacted.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Increase agility, automation, and collaboration in your DevOps processes
  • Transform ITOps with AIOps—a combination of AI and machine learning
  • Accelerate mean-time-to resolution (MTTR) and improve service assurance
  • Use Moogsoft AIOps with Amazon CloudWatch to collect event and alarm data

Mick Miller, Senior DevOps Architect, KeyBank
Kelly Looney, SI Practice Lead – DevOps, AWS
Adam Frank, Senior Product Manager, Moogsoft