Engineering KPIs: How to Align Executive Strategy with Team Flow

Recorded on Wed, Nov 2

Getting availability right means ensuring that work flows easily through teams and that their goals are aligned with organizational strategy. But with the majority of teams failing to satisfy their SLAs and 45% of problems being reported by customers before the teams responsible become aware of them themselves, it’s clear many organizations are struggling to get this right.

Join host Helen Beal and DevOps industry experts Garima Bajpai and Suresh GP as they discuss the findings of the new State of Availability report and what they mean for the way we target teams for successful customer experiences.

Key takeaways:

  • Why fewer metrics are better
  • What metrics matter most to assure availability
  • How leaders align their goals to their teams’ goals


Helen Beal

Helen Beal
Lead Researcher of The State of Availability Report

Garima Bajpai

Garima Bajpai
Canada DevOps Community of Practice


Suresh GP
Managing Director
Taub Solutions


Download the 2022 State of Availability Report for the full takeaways–plus a recommended path to buy back time for your team while investing in availability.