Migrate and Modernise At Higher Speed With a Lower Cost of Ownership

Recorded | Wed, June 30

Competition and innovation are driving your digital transformation. AWS fulfills your infrastructure demands within seconds and you follow a DevOps mantra to increase the speed at which business innovation is delivered. Traditional monitoring, APM, and single-pane-of-glass approaches are the barrier to maintaining service availability across your hybrid platform. Consequently, DevOps teams are interrupted more frequently and application support teams are drowning in spam tickets.

To sustain innovation at the pace your business demands requires continuous visibility, observability, and AIOps in order to preempt service impacting KPIs.

In this webinar, you will learn how AWS CloudWatch and Moogsoft helps you to increase and sustain a higher pace of business change:

  • How to use AWS CloudWatch and Moogsoft to increase your visibility and lower your costs of monitoring with AI-driven observability
  • Detect and contextualise issues faster, reducing MTTR and improving quality of experience
  • Reduce unnecessary developer interruptions giving them the context they need when an issue occurs
  • Improve operational efficiency with fewer tickets and automation, with AIOps driven workflow

IRIS South Africa will share their own experience of the Moogsoft platform and how some of their customers in South Africa are benefiting from the platform. Embrace the joy!


Stuart Birch

Stuart Birch
Managing Director, IRIS

Siva Sadhu

Siva Sadhu
Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Mike Silvey

Mike Silvey
Executive Vice President and Co-founder, Moogsoft

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