Monthly Moo Webinar - October 2022

Recorded on Tue, Oct 25

In this month’s edition of our monthly moo webinar, we are excited to announce our fall product releases across Moogsoft Cloud. These enhancements enable engineers to detect incidents earlier, resolve them faster, and work as a team across the entire lifecycle.

Join John Haley, VP of Product Market Strategy, and Richard Whitehead, Chief Evangelist from Moogsoft as they demo our new product releases live and answer any Q&A.

The webinar will cover:

  • Moogsoft Cloud Dashboard: Unlock visibility into your entire system’s health
  • Comments: Increase collaboration during incident response
  • Correlation Definition Ordering: Scale without manual rules and catch all the unknown unknowns
  • Customer User Roles and more!


Headshot - John Haley.png

John Haley
VP, Product & Market Strategy, Moogsoft


Richard Whitehead
Chief Evangelist, Moogsoft

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