Monthly Moo - September 2022

Recorded on Tue, Sept 20

Did ya know? Special Topic: Anomaly Detection

We are excited to bring you the Monthly Moo webinar series - a monthly roundup of everything Moogsoft. We’ll endeavor to get you the latest product news, featured product spotlight, market insights, and upcoming events in each issue. Thank you for your interest in Moogsoft!

In this month’s edition Moogsoft VP, Product & Market Strategy John Haley and Chief Evangelist Richard Whitehead will discuss:

  • How Anomaly Detection correlates events into an incident
  • How the Moogsoft Collector, built on the open-source Vector framework, collects time-series data in seconds and more
  • There will be a live demo to explore the features of Moogsoft Cloud.
There will be a live Q&A with the speakers.


Headshot - John Haley.png

John Haley
VP, Product & Market Strategy, Moogsoft


Richard Whitehead
Chief Evangelist, Moogsoft

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