Moogsoft in Action:
Real Results in Real Time

Recorded on June 21, 2023

Enrichment & Correlation

Watch Moogsoft in Action as we explore capabilities with a domain-agnostic AIOps tool.

Take a break with Jon Stiley, Moogsoft Director of Sales Engineering as he walks you through enrichment and correlation. Key items he will cover include:

  • Correlating alerts from your existing tech stack into fewer, more actionable incidents with greater context
  • Data correlation with Moogsoft’s unique Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Differentiating shingles from list-and-word similarity
  • Incident Labeler and the Correlation Engine

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Jon Stiley

Jon has over 20 years experience in the event management and service assurance space, having worked at Riversoft, Micromuse, NetIQ and Managed Obejcts before joining Moogsoft in 2013. As Director of Sales Engineering at Moogsoft, Jon ensures that prospective customers understand and realize the full value of Moogsoft’s unique machine learning, data driven approach to AIOps.