Intelligent Observability: AIOps and AI Predictive Analytics

Recorded | Wed, Aug 18

As the AIOps market evolves, the potential use cases are growing and spilling out of incident management for IT Operations. Excellent customer experience is essential for survival in the digital world, and humans alone cannot process the sheer volumes of data that observability produces that they need to in order to compete. Moreover, it’s increasingly not enough to know what’s happening today; teams need insights into what might happen tomorrow.

In this webinar, Moogsoft Strategic Advisor Helen Beal and Research in Action Research Director Eveline Oehrlich will discuss Oehrlich’s findings in her latest observability research, the AIPA Vendor Selection Matrix 2021.

Key takeaways:

  • Use cases for AIOps and observability
  • The difference between AIOps and AIPA
  • What to look for in a vendor


Helen Beal

Helen Beal
Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute

Eveline Oehrlich

Eveline Oehrlich
Research Director, Research in Action