Fireside Chat:
Use Cases and Deployment Tips for AIOps with Observability

Recorded | Tue, Aug 18, 2020

Heard about observability with AIOps? Really, it’s a thing! And it’s so important for DevOps and SRE teams that we’ve published a book about it: “Observability with AIOps For Dummies.” It’s a step-by-step guide to combining AIOps analysis with detailed observability data.

Intrigued? Join us for a lively and interactive chat with the author Adam Frank, an AIOps aficionado who is passionate about helping DevOps and SRE teams attain continuous service assurance.

Frank, who will be joined by Moogsoft expert John Haley, will explain how you can unlock true operational visibility and eliminate CI/CD complexity by applying AI to events, metrics, traces and logs.

They’ll outline six concrete, actionable tips for a successful deployment, including:

  • Picking target apps and services
  • Identifying data sources
  • Enriching your data

They’ll also discuss five key use cases for observability with AIOps, including:

  • Enhancing collaboration and productivity
  • Streamlining IT incident management
  • Reducing costs


John Haley

John Haley
VP of Product Marketing

Adam Frank

Adam Frank
VP of Product and Design

Fireside Chat: Six Tips for Getting Started with AIOps and Observability

All attendees will receive a free printed copy of “Observability with AIOps For Dummies.”