Fireside Chat: 2022 State of Availability Report

Recorded on Wed, Sept 28

Insights from 1,900 engineering teams

We have just launched our NEW State of Availability Report and in it, we uncover what availability is really costing teams and organizations. It might surprise you to discover it’s not just about time and money—it’s also about the future of organizations’ survival in the digital economy.

Join your host, Minami Rojas, Moogsoft’s VP of Growth and Marketing, and her panelists, Moogsoft CEO, Phil Tee, and lead researcher, Helen Beal to hear their insights into what the data in The State of Availability Report tells them about what teams and leaders must learn to assure their organizations’ futures.

Key takeaways:

  • The true cost of availability—and why it hurts
  • The things that need to change to break the locks of the incident management cage
  • What happens when teams are set free and what does it mean for organizational performance


Phil Tee

Phil Tee
CEO, Moogsoft

Helen Beal

Helen Beal
Lead Researcher of The State of Availability Report

Minami Rojas

Minami Rojas
VP of Growth & Marketing, Moogsoft

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Download the 2022 State of Availability Report for the full takeaways–plus a recommended path to buy back time for your team while investing in availability.