Virtualize the NOC: Accelerate Your Transition to Remote IT Ops with AIOps

Recorded | Wed, April 8, 2020 

The COVID-19 pandemic is radically changing how enterprise IT services are consumed, both in the short and long term. IT operations management teams must rapidly adapt architectures and management techniques to address temporary stress from changing system behavior and usage patterns. They must also permanently redesign infrastructure and app portfolios to address permanent shifts. AIOps is critical to easing persistent ITOM burdens created by this rapid and ongoing shift in the ‘post-pandemic’ world.

IT Ops teams will learn:

  • The general relevance of AI to ITOM technologies and processes.
  • Why AI must play a major role in an IT Ops team’s response to the current crisis’s impact on the way IT system services are utilized by customers.
  • The long-term role that AI will play at the heart of future IT systems in the new ‘post-pandemic’ normal.


will100x108.jpgWill Cappelli
Global AIOps Expert